What is Business Interruption Insurance?

By Home Counties Insurance

When new customers come to us they often think that a serious business interruption will not happen to them. Experience tells us that those who do not insure against business interruption frequently underestimate the effect that a major event would have on their business.

Business interruption is recognised as a particularly difficult area for brokers and customers alike, with an estimated 40% of policies thought to be underinsured, by up to 50%.

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The consequences of getting your BI insurance policy wrong are distressing, to say the least. Business interruption insurance consists of two important elements:

1. Your estimated indemnity period (which you have to calculate)
2. The sum insured (which you have to calculate).

A Free Guide to Business Interruption Insurance

We’ve written a free guide to business interruption insurance to help you calculate the indemnity period and the sum insured – which will both be named in your policy.

Click here to download our free guide

Even with a BI guide, your calculations might be complicated. If you need assistance, please email or call us on 01525 719955.


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