Small Tool and Equipment Theft

By Cliff

With thefts from construction sites on the rise, insurance giant Munich RE has released a guide to loss prevention containing these practical tips:
Security measures for construction sites during working hours:

  1. Minimise the tools and equipment stored on-site
  2. Keep tools locked away and out of sight
  3. Use lockable and alarmed tool chests and steel storage containers
  4. Keep storage containers out of sight
  5. Implement a tool/equipment sign-in and sign-out system
  6. Never leave tools and equipment unattended when they are not in secure storage
  7. Mark with unique identifiers, e.g. corporate colours, reference numbers written in permanent markers or ultraviolet pens
  8. Have a security guard at the site entrance
  9. Carry out random security checks of vehicles leaving the construction site

Security measures for construction sites outside working hours:

  1. Alarm storage containers
  2. Return tools and plant to the depot or plant hire company promptly when no longer required
  3. Use hoarding around the perimeter
  4. Use SIA-approved security guards with regular patrols and clock-in points
  5. Set up PIR/PA remotely monitored CCTV
  6. Set up security alarms and site lighting
  7. Use high-quality chains and closed shackle padlocks on access gates
  8. Block smaller equipment in with large plant, extending hydraulic arms to increase effectiveness
  9. If a crane is available, elevate smaller pieces of equipment on it
  10. Display security warning signs

Theft prevention for vehicles parked in public places:

  1. Minimise the tools and equipment stored in vehicles
  2. Vehicles should be locked and alarmed when unattended
  3. Keep tools and equipment out of sight – could use mirrored or blacked-out windows
  4. Use locked steel tool chests, fixed to the vehicle, for storage
  5. Chain large tools to the inside of the vehicle
  6. Park in open, well-lit and populated areas

Theft prevention for vehicles parked at home:

  1. Remove tools and equipment from vehicles overnight
  2. Park in garage or on driveway
  3. Ensure vehicles are always locked and alarmed when unattended

Tool and equipment recovery measures:

  1. Engrave them with unique letter and number combinations
  2. Mark them with ultraviolet pens and SmartWater
  3. Paint them in your corporate colours with distinctive livery markings
  4. Maintain accurate records, including serial numbers, security markings, makes and models
  5. Keep a photographic record of each item
  6. Register each item with a security and registration scheme
  7. Install GPS trackers in vehicles containing tools and equipment
  8. Notify the policy immediately if anything is stolen


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