Insurance: Who would you trust?

By Cliff

According to the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, the UK’s population is suffering from “stagnant distrust” of others. The barometer also cited search engines and social media platforms as drivers of distrust.

Within this evolving social landscape, insurance industry giant Aviva is proactively publishing facts to establish itself as an insurance company that should be trusted. Its headline statistic of accepting 96% of claims in 2017 is important to Aviva, and other insurance providers have shared similar data.

Most people rarely have to make an insurance claim so the prospect is unfamiliar territory. In addition, selecting and deciding to trust a large organisation based on a long and detailed insurance document can feel unnerving. Some people try to overcome this by using insurance policy search engines – but then don’t sufficiently understand the policies produced to compare them on anything other than price.

At Home Counties Insurance Services, we prefer to build genuine trust – which is why we have long-standing customers. Our advisers search the market for you, then explain the policy options to you, along with realistic prices for what you need. We’re here to give you a balanced, honest opinion based on many years of experience.


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