Employee Emotional Well-being During Quarantine

By Cliff

The ‘stay safe, stay home’ and ‘stay alert’ social distancing messages during the coronavirus lockdown has caused concerns over employee mental health and emotional well-being.

Many employers suspect that quarantine isolation measures may lead to mental well-being issues as some of their workforces find out how to work from home, while perhaps being surrounded by a noisy family. In contrast, the isolation of living alone during lockdown challenges younger members of staff.

Here are six ways you might improve your mental health during lockdown or quarantine:

Stick to a routine

Protect your routine to help preserve mental well-being. Get up at your normal time and follow your usual routine from home, as far as possible. This could mean exercising outside rather than visiting the gym.

If you have children, they are also likely to benefit from a daily routine and knowing what your expectations of them are, particularly if they are home schooling.

Keep to your normal sleeping routine

While you are staying safe at home, it is easy to get into the habit of getting up or going to bed later than usual. However, experts recommend abiding by your normal sleep routine, and say that breaking it can negatively impact emotional well-being.

Go outside if you can

If possible, go outside daily, remembering to avoid large groups of people outside your household. Sunlight boosts your vitamin D levels. For many people, spending time outside during the coronavirus lockdown also provides an emotional lift.

Use technology well

Prolonged quarantine isolation can cause loneliness. Public health professionals and members of government recommend contacting colleagues, friends and loved ones using technology. Video calls and social media can reduce feelings of loneliness and anxiety while supplementing your social life.

Avoid becoming overwhelmed by news reports

It is easy to become obsessed by the news during the coronavirus lockdown. Rather than monitoring it all day, consider only checking the news at certain times as part of your morning and evening routines.

Practise positivity and gratitude

Writing down things that you are grateful for is proven to lower stress and help change your mindset from negative to positive. Doing this for five minutes each day can boost your mood and improve your outlook while you are social distancing in quarantine.

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